Leak Detection

Leak testing of Alloy Wheels (AW) was/is typically done with the classical water bath test by operator. As operator testing is not objective and reliable, Helium leak testing was established in the last decades too. While water bath testing is done with the unpainted AW, Helium testing is sometimes done with painted AW.

Today there are some problems with leaking AW in the field. One assumption is that these problems are due to testing of the painted AW instead of testing unpainted ones. Now, if looking to the Helium testers, it seems that it is more difficult to test unpainted AW according to the specification compared to painted wheels. In some cases you can find a fast rising He-background while testing unpainted wheels leading to 100% NOK results. The reason may be a rougher surface of the unpainted wheels.

Our ultrasonic leak testers for wheels can be adapted to your requirement specifications.

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